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Welcome to The Het Shop

Welcome to the Het Shop Reptile Shop; we will be hatching some beautiful Ball Python morphs this year & are currently working on a few other reptile & invertebrate projects that will be available later this year as well. Find us on Morphmarket & Youtube! We also take in reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians, etc. with NO questions asked! 

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Reptile Food Delivery in 2023!

To make sure your pet lives the good life at all times, enquire about our Reptile Food Delivery services. Giving your pet the star treatment is what The Het Shop is all about! Give us a call anytime to learn more about this great service; but please remember to book well in advance since available spaces do fill up quickly.

Aquarium Plants

Ball Python Husbandry

Ensuring your Ball Python gets the proper temperatures & humidity that he or she needs is important — and we make it easy here at The Het Shop. Our staff is well educated and experienced, so your BP will have a stress-free and happy experience. Improper husbandry can cause your BP to not eat, have stuck shed, get sick or have an allergic reaction; it can also cause scale rot, burns & can be fatal. Feel free to contact us for any questions on proper tub setup.


Stone & Wood Carvings

We carve stone & wood into almost anything you'd want for your pet's habitat; we have some that are already made available as well. We also make grave markers for your deceased reptile or insect or etc. for a lower price.

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We are devoted to the care & well-being of reptiles; we take in a variety of snakes, lizards, turtles, arachnids, Inverts, amphibians, & other reptiles/exotic pets with NO questions asked & NO rehoming fees; we have quarantine procedures to protect other animals & we provide each individual animal the proper care they deserve.We go through dozens of frozen rats, mice, & loads of fresh produce! You don't even want to know what our energy bills look like! Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Donation items we take are:
°Flex watt heat tape -heating mats °cages & racks °enclosures °stock tanks °paper towels °newspaper °bleach °buckets °storage tubs, bins, containers, plastic tupperware (big or small with lids) °UV bulbs/fixtures °pillow cases or cloth drawstring pouches °Chlohexadine °mite spray for reptiles °heat packs °cold packs °digital thermometers & hygrometers °spray bottles °fake plants/rocks °freezer bags °hides & climbing objects °Repti-Bark, Eco-Earth, Cypress Mulch, Top Soil, & Aspen Bedding °calcium powder °Betadine °saline solution °feeding tubes °unused medical supplies 

Cash donations (used to purchase food for the animals & vet care) are accepted through:PayPal: Cash App:$theHetShop

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~ Unknown

"A snake gave us the gift of knowledge"

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Cameron, Marshall County 26033

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