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Springtails -8 oz culture

Springtails -8 oz culture

8oz culture of over 500+ Springtails; will come in container filled with high quality bioactive substrate; charcoal/carbon added to mixture. 65-80° is the ideal temperature you'll want to keep these little tank janitors at -anything higher than 80° will slow reproduction- with a humidity range of 50-80%; substrate should be damp & cork bark, leaves, rocks, or moss should be provided for them to hide under. They are perfect little clean up crews! They eat dead matter like decaying plants (they will not harm established plants), mold, mildew, feces, etc.; they improve soil health & structure. Optional care guide will be included with shipment if needed.

$1.50 per oz.

Flat Rate USPS shipping (usually between $8.25 locally-$14.25 priority -depending on location & quantity)

  • Payment Details

    Payments are processed through:

    PayPay, Google Pay, & Cash App; cash/money orders for local pick up

    • By submitting payment on any animal(s) you are agreeing to our Terms of Service

    -The Het Shop maintains the right to cancel a payment plan at any time for any reason. In such instances a full refund will be provided to the customer immediately.

    - All sales are final.

  • Shipping Information

    *Invertebrates are usually shipped via USPS and buyer pays exact shipping cost which varies upon size/weight.

    • Shipments are made Tuesdays & Wednesdays to ensure safe arrival before the weekend

    • Tracking numbers will be sent to the customer shortly after purchase.

    • Packages are to be opened and inspected immediately upon receipt.

    - You or another adult must be present at time of delivery. Live arrival is guaranteed unless there are shipping delays; DOA must be reported immediately with video.

  • What's In The Box?

    - Whatever you ordered

    - If available- most recent record of weight/feedings, hatch date, parents/ known lineage, ID, genetics, & any special care or husbandry instructions if needed

    - Het Shop sticker

  • Health & Wellness

    Animals are free of mites, ticks, and are in excellent overall health. We make every effort to ensure the proper sex of all animals and that weight is accurate. Upon arrival, check the animal over. Please inspect the animal for any potential problems. Contact us immediately should there be any red flags.

  • Policy/ Buyer Responsibility

    The Het Shop maintains that it is the customers responsibility to properly care for their new animal(s). The Het Shop cannot take responsibility for animal care after shipment.

    We raised these animals and we are very attached to them so please take good care of our babies. Buyer is responsible for complying with local and state rules, regulations, laws and any applicable permits needed.

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